Some announcement from me.


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    Some announcement from me. Empty Some announcement from me.

    Post by Mosh on Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:13 pm

    Hey everybody.
    I have been looking forward to the re-launch of iwow ofcourse but it has a realy bad timing for me after.
    I just have got a few months of school left till my exams and i think i have to put more uhm... work into school then iwow.
    So i wont be as active as i was before i ill try to be active as much as possible but i can't promise being on places at times (Thats for sure in March and April when the exams probaly are.) so well im just gonna focus on the background of the server and see you guys all in some time again.


    Ps : Anton working on the background means i ill be doing as much with the database and event making as before i just wont have to much time to spawn malls and help players.

    Some announcement from me. Royfinished
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