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    Application Format. Empty Application Format.

    Post by Bodz on Sun May 03, 2009 3:42 am

    IRL first name:
    Country where residing:
    Languages that you Speak:

    How long have you played World of Warcraft; including retail, and private servers.

    Are you related to or good friends with any of the current Invisible WoW staff members?

    Are you familiar with the GM rules and player rules of this server?

    Are you responsible and mature?

    Where else have you been a Forum Mod? and how much experience as a Forum Mod do you have?

    For each of the following questions, please fill it out with at least 3 sentences supporting your respond.

    Tell us any computer knowledge you have (doesn't need to be substantial):

    Tells us about your personality:

    Explain why you would like to become a Forum Mod on Invisible WoW.

    What attributes do you have that could benefit Invisible WoW?

    What sets you apart from all other applicants?

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    Application Format. 1270567474

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